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Why Ataraxia Yoga?

Why Ataraxia Yoga? How was it created?

Lourdes: We wanted a name that was spelled and pronounced the same in English and in Spanish. We came across the Greek word Ataraxia. We love the meaning, pure bliss.
Laura: We both looked for a word that encompasses this idea of living a life filled with happiness, balance, and self-care. I thought Ataraxia is something we all should strive for in our yoga practice.

What is your wellness philosophy?

Laura: Self-care, taking the time to take care of yourself by practicing yoga, meditating with crystals and grounding.
Lourdes: Do everything in a Lagom mentality and in a harmonious way.

How did you first get into yoga?

Lourdes: In college, I found yoga while walking to class. A fellow student was gracefully practicing yoga on a bench. I immediately looked up information on what yoga was and feeling inspired by a healthy lifestyle. I decided to further my knowledge of the benefits of yoga, I taught myself yoga with various books and yoga DVDs. After many years of finding my way into yoga, I decided to become a certified yoga teacher.
Laura: I became interested in yoga during my junior year of college. I’ve always wanted to take care of myself in a way that made me feel good and happy. Yoga is your own practice and you decide how you move your body. You decide how intense you want your yoga practice to be. I also love that all you need is a space to do your flow and you can go slow for an easy yoga practice or faster for a more sweaty yoga flow. Most importantly, it has so many health benefits to your mind and body.

What is it about yoga that you love?

Laura: How amazing I feel after practicing yoga or guiding a class. I listen to my body when I practice yoga. I move, how it feels good to me and I just go with the flow.
Lourdes: I enjoy the tranquility of gentle yoga. With a soothing blend of soft and slow stretches and with a hint of lavender oil that will help melt away the tension as well as any stress of the day. Being a mom, yoga time is “me time” to reconnect with myself and become centered.

How often do you practice yoga?

Lourdes: Being a mom of two babies, a three-year-old and a newborn, my hands are full but I always find ways to practice yoga.
Laura: I practice once a day, in the morning or before going to bed.

What is your education/training?

Laura: I decided to pursue a career in yoga and dedicate my time in practicing Strala yoga because that’s the yoga philosophy I follow. It holds the essence of Vinyasa, but the emphasis is placed on the freedom of the easy-going movement. I initially completed the 20-hour Intensive Training. Then, I decided to complete my 200-hour Ready-to-Lead training followed by my 300-hour Advanced Leadership training and have continued my education with their 100-hour online trainings and in-person traiinings.
Lourdes: I am a 200 hour certified yoga teacher through The Yoga Alliance. I also took a 200-hour yoga online course.

I wish I knew…

Lourdes:  Ho’oponopono, Shamanism as well as Reiki.
Laura: Shamanism Journeying and how to read the Akashic Records.

Most days you can find me…

Laura: Practicing yoga, guiding sessions, mediatating, journaling or reading.
Lourdes: Reading self help books that assist me to better understand the season I am currently living and learning to become a better version of myself.

I can’t live without…

Lourdes: My crystals and my favorite book Girl Seeks Bliss, it’s my bible.
Laura: My mat, my crystals, and my books, I love to read!

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