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Laura Perez is a Stråla Advanced Beginner Guide who began her Stråla home practice in 2008. Laura fell in love with Stråla’s revolutionary approach to yoga practice focusing on breath + movement. (Stråla is a moving meditation, guided with deep breath + easygoing movement from your middle).
Laura began guiding her classes + then proceeded to obtain in-person training through Stråla. She trained with Tara Stiles, Mike Taylor, + Sam Berlind in New York City, where she began to explore breathwork + body connection. Through continued practice, Laura became more grounded, connected + authentically aware. She grew stronger and happier — from the inside out.
As a yoga guide, Laura holds space + guides restorative + gentle moving yoga flows, with complimentary Shiatsu bodywork throughout the sessions. Laura helps people to slow down, finding ease in movement by focusing on breathwork + body connection, thereby empowering them to drop their stress, release any blocks + feel at ease.
Laura offers English, Spanish + bilingual classes, plus privates, with a focus on restorative + gentle yoga, breathwork + Shiatsu bodywork. Laura continues to practice Stråla daily, studies + explores the Akashic Records, breathwork, + crystals to bring a greater sense of grounding + connection into her Breathwork + Stråla yoga practice.
Founded by Tara Stiles Stråla is credited by mind-body-medicine pioneer Dr. Deepak Chopra, as well as Chair of Neurology at Harvard Dr. Rudolph Tanzi. Stråla is also accredited by the global Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Training Level
– 20 Hour Intensive Training, 2017
– 100 Hours in Online 200+Hour Training, 2017
– 200+Hour Ready-to-Lead Training, 2018
– 300+Hour Advanced Leadership Training, 2018
– 100+Hour Online Training, Advanced Training: 7 Secrets of Leadership, 2019
– 100+Hour Online Training, Connect and Heal with Shiatsu, 2019
– 100 Hours in Online 200+Hour Training, 2020


Luli Perez de Aragon discovered yoga in college when she happened to walk by a fellow student gracefully practicing yoga on a bench. She immediately looked up information on yoga. Feeling inspired by the healthy lifestyle + wanting to further her knowledge of the benefits of living yoga, she became a self-taught yogi.
After many years of finding her way into yoga, Lourdes decided to study with the Everliving School of Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program + became a certified yoga teacher. Her yoga classes focus on guiding you to escape from your day + to enjoy the tranquility of yoga, with a soothing blend of gentle + slow stretches.
Lourdes loves the feeling of helping people increase calmness + peace into their being, + helping them achieve something that they didn’t think they could do — that is what living yoga is.
Training Level
– Everliving School of Yoga 200 hr Yoga Alliance RYT, 2017
– My Joy Yoga University 200 hr online yoga teacher training, 2018