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What We Do

Wake. Breathe. Ease.


Ataraxia Yoga is constantly living a life in a state of serene calmness.
Lagom Living | Feeling balanced and happy at this moment right now.
Stråla Practice | Listening to your body and moving with ease on and off the mat.
Grounding | Meditating and connecting with the earth, by going outside and placing your bare feet in the ground.
Crystals | Meditating with your crystals. The end goal is to meditate and connect with the earth wherever you are.
Inhale. Exhale. | Taking nice deep inhales and long easy exhales three times to help you balance.


We love connecting with people and guiding them with their yoga or meditation practice.
We host yoga sessions remotely in a group setting or we also meet with people one-on-one.
We’d love to meet you in person or virtually contact us and let us know how you’d like to practice!