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Mind. Body. Connection.

Laura’s voice is soothing and she leads us expertly through the moves, as if a well-rehearsed dance. I enjoy the tranquility of the music she plays and the mix of people who attend on a regular basis. By the time, she dabs lavender oil on my palm, I indeed have de-stressed and feel positive. It is the best way to end a workday!

– Kelly P.


I started yoga with Laura just for the yoga practice to ease the pain of osteoarthritis. I learned breathing, and how to move with ease. I could see results in my daily activities almost immediately. My balance improved as well as my ability to breathe deep during stressful situations. I look forward to continuing my sessions with Laura and practicing yoga in my daily life.

– Dorothy A.


I no longer feel intimidated by yoga and have incorporated it into my daily routine. Over the time we have met, I have significantly lowered my blood pressure, lost 30 pounds and have increased my mobility. My primary physician has indicated that, if I keep moving in this direction, I may be able to stop taking medications for prediabetes and high blood pressure all together!

– Deborah S.

I really enjoy your classes! They are the perfect length and structure to bring a calming end to the workday, without overdoing it. And, you have the perfect, calming, voice to add to the experience.

– Vickie C.


After a long day at work, going to a yoga session is where I want to be. I’ve enjoyed this class so much because I can relax and clear my mind by following the yoga practice breathing exercises. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to attend this class right after work.

– Marlene V.


I feel that yoga has benefited me in several ways. I have less stress/anxiety, more energy and the stretches and exercises actually help me after I run.

– Cynthia L.